About Jill

"Matchmaking is serious business! You're dealing with people's emotions and personal needs and I don't take it lightly. It's an awesome opportunity to make such a profound difference in someone's life, the human element has to always be the focus"

"My approach to helping individuals is about listening, encouraging, exploring and delving into areas of their lives that they want to change to get their desired results. It really is about being of service to people, getting those results comes from their participation in the process, being honest with one's self and sometimes being fearless". 



Every client is an unique individual with different circumstances, desires and a picture of what they are looking for.  Jill Carter, is a seasoned and well respected Matchmaker and Coach that has appeared on the national television program, RHOV Real Housewives of Vancouver, interviewing Mary Zilba and matched with businessman, author and former Dragon Dens' Brett Wilson.  Her scouting skills were instrumental for Bachelor Canada 2014  searching for top finalists for the bachelor season.   Clients are affluent individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals.  

High success rate coupled with outstanding client service, this is what Jill's clients have come to expect, the best PERSONAL approach to assisting the balance they desire in their work and private lives.   Having worked for three other firms in the past (Hearts Canada, It's Just Lunch and Matchmaker for Hire) before starting ModernPursuit Matchmaking, Jill has the knowledge,experience and insight on what doesn't work and what gets results. 


"If you're looking for chemistry and haven't found it, tapping into what that chemistry looks like is what I find".

“I’ve tried other dating services but nothing that compares to the quality and attention Jill has demonstrated. Her “modern” approach made the difference in meeting my partner”.
— Robert D. 50's - RE Developer

The goal at ModernPursuit Matchmaking is to provide unparalleled client service to successful professionals seeking love. We earn your trust by building relationships first and personalizing an approach to help you achieve your personal goals. Bold approach and listening to client needs sets us apart.