It's About Chemistry-Ingredients for the best PIES...

Most of us have experienced how wonderful it feels to fall in love, that chemical reaction that stimulates your need for 'desire and recognition' by triggering an intense rush of pleasure to the brain and other body parts. The increased energy one feels, the need for less sleep and food and more focused attention.

When speaking with both men and women, there seems to be a familiar theme that comes up - Chemistry. I hear; "I have to have chemistry", "there has to be a spark" or "I need to be attracted". Now of course this is a reasonable request when discussing what you're looking for in a partner, but chemistry comes in multiple forms, not just one.

The different forms of chemistry have to align in order for a love connection to happen. Aside from physical chemistry, there must be intellectual chemistry, let's face it, if your date can't find Vancouver on a map, things won't go so well. The third type of chemistry is emotional chemistry - the ability to be open and authentic with another person. Falling in love is only the first stage of love, it's impossible to remain in that stage and emotional chemistry plays a crucial part to the whole picture. It's fantastic and natural to want to rip each other's clothes off each time you meet, but there better be more to sustain a mature and healthy relationship going forward.

The last, and probably most important form of chemistry is spiritual chemistry. A partner that is loving, kind and generous with themselves and their energy. Walking merrily down the path is much smoother with similar core values and a knowing that your partner will roll with the good times and bad as the years go on.

Don't make the common mistake of thinking that when the initial wild passion fades you aren't in love anymore. Starting a new relationship isn't the answer to recapture the passionate high you felt, but to move on to the next phase of love. This is different, a much richer experience if you trust in the process and journey.

So yes, it's 100% about chemistry!

Just remember that the initial physical attraction, which is absolutely important but only takes it so far, it's the other three components that can make a profound change in the course you take with someone.

Like I stated at the beginning, the best ingredients...

Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual chemistry work together to make the best pies...take a bite!

Posted on November 20, 2014 .