The Strength of a Man - the Wisdom of a Woman

As I have stated many times, I love what I do!  To make a profound difference in my client’s life is a privilege and an honour I don’t take lightly. 

A very wise woman I once knew and carry in my heart everyday once said to me, “when someone’s emotions are involved, you don’t know what they’re capable of”.  I have never forgotten this statement, it stays with me always, and guides me to look and react to people I have encountered throughout the years.

This statement can come across differently to each reader and looked at either in a negative or positive light.  Our life experiences will trigger an emotion inside all of us when remembering any given event, relationship, song, smell or person.

As I grow older and hopefully wiser, this statement has changed over the years. As I view it today it gives me pause and upon reflection says how truly blessed we are to have the ability to share what’s inside each and every one of us.  Long gone are the days that men have to “Man Up” and say nothing so they don’t come across as weak or too sensitive. It’s refreshing when a man tells me what he’s really looking for in a partner, I get pretty personal with them, but after a few minutes they open up and really start engaging with me on a very sincere and articulate level.  Men are sensitive, much more than women in my opinion.  Years of interviewing both sexes and raising a boy have taught me that.  Personally I think it’s wonderful that men think, act and respond differently than us girls!  There is strength in their resolve and the simplistic, common sense approach when responding to life’s queries. When men are emotional and heart felt one see’s a side that is touching, surprising and void of creative language and expression – it’s raw and authentic.

Men are capable of everything that’s thrown at them if allowed to come up with a response and decision; the outcome typically can benefit both parties quite nicely. I think we should praise boys like we do girls and tell them they can be anything they want, no gender specific roles, occupations for either. Men are terrific people who challenge, analyze and articulate situations in a very precise way – that’s what most women love – the strength of a man.

We should embrace the men in our lives; they hold insights that are just innately part of being a man.  The wisdom of a father, husband, business partner, teacher, coach, family friend or mentor, these great guys are everywhere. 

I interviewed a businessman this weekend that broke down when he was speaking about his mother of an advanced age and the agonizing decision to place her in a facility a few weeks ago.  The tears were welling up in his eyes and I took his hand. Just that simple gesture allowed him to release the pain and grief he was feeling at that moment.  I wasn’t expecting that reaction from this brilliant mind that had travelled around the world and spoke with leaders of foreign countries. But in that moment, he was capable of showing me how sensitive and painful his decision had been for him.  I thanked him for allowing me to witness the grief and anguish for it gave me an insight I may have never received from just asking him general questions.  I thought of that statement once again and how people are truly surprising when you least expect it, he was capable of showing me a side of himself that will benefit greatly when choosing the right partner for him – it was a huge insight!

I work with men who are business owners and entrepreneurs.  They are successful, charming, funny and surprising and when their emotions are involved at any level, these men are capable of all sorts of amazing and loving behaviors that I get the honor of witnessing.

Thanks Mom for sharing your wisdom so many years ago.

Posted on December 9, 2014 .